Thursday, December 29, 2011

Of A (Quite) Fussy Mommy

Yesterday I received a phone call from Eirsa's daycare manager, "Mommy Eirsa, Umi nak labelkan beg Eirsa ni boleh? Senang nak cam kan."

Instantly in my mind :

Or even worse! :

Hell NOOOOOO! (By the way, 'Eirsa' is always, I mean ALWAYS, pronounced as 'Erisa' by the first timers).

Of course I would not allow those kind of artwork on Eirsa's bag! I immediately and almost anxiously responded "Tak pe Umi, balik nanti saya label kan sendiri ye."

So last night with everything that we had in the house, I managed to make a (much, ehem ehem) better label for the bag that couldn't make the bag any happier.

And voila! A simple thing, with lotsa love and easy on my eyes, at least.

This morning, we sent Eirsa to her daycare and Umi instantly noticed the label that I made. Her remarks, as expected, "Patut lah mommy Eirsa nak buat sendiri, bukan main cantik lagi ha. Bagus la ni! Kalau Umi, Umi dah tulis dengan marker pen je."

"Told ya.." said to hubby.

Side Notes : The daycare management has now changed and looks like it's for the better. The old owner has been busy with her Masters study and the daycare has been quite neglected since the past half of the year. This new management promises us with better service and of course came with "better" fees. We are ok with the additional fees, as long as the quality is improved.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Air Tangan Puan Ayin

I have been meaning to write about this since last week but yes, of course the reason is none other but I was being busy. I was busy catching up with my 7-months pregnancy breathing that sometimes cause me a day or two of medical leaves. Alhamdulillah, just some normal pregnancy symptoms, both mommy and baby are doing just great. I've started my stairs climbing regime (ala.. 1 1/2 floors sajo), with the pray and hope that I could have normal, smooth and quick delivery.

Ok. This.

I ordered 2 types of cookies from Ayin's KitchenSoft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and she posted to me less than a week later all the way from Bintulu, Sarawak (could be faster but she was running out of some ingredients). It was quite a surprise since I've yet to make payment and that she trusted me even though we've never met! Thanks a lot darling, you are just too kind!

So, this is the verdict.

Taste : AWESOME. The first thing Eirsa would ask when she got back from her day care was "Eeekut" or "Ooookies". Tipping on her toes, she would peek on the dining table or kitchen top to fine them. She love both types of cookies and she could hadap at least 6-7 pieces at a time. Oh yes. Of course I have to deal with all the crumbs all over the place, but definitely, she loved them. I'm not a fan of chocolate, neither sweet stuffs, but the cookies still taste delicious to me. But my husband, being the number one fan of chocolate (but could not have much as it would trigger his migraine), shouted "Uih! Sedapnya!" at his first bite. So, you do the maths. *wink*

Packaging : Overall is OK, but perhaps Ayin could improve in terms of the thoroughness. It was expected  that not all cookies would make in one piece, even though Ayin had made special size of the same cookies to me (smaller than offered in her blog) to lessen the possibility of crack, but several minimum number of layers still didn't quite make it. Perhaps Ayin could ensure all cookies are firmly lined up to each other and have any space filled up with any soft clean padding (imagining the container will go left right up and down throughout the journey). On decoration, should be OK, I have no problem with this sector. But in general, of course fancier decoration would make the recipient feel more excited (Ok, perhaps this is more the girls' adrenaline, not in general. ;) )

What else. May be you want to give it a try then everything will make sense. A bit pricey (as she claimed, bukan Akak yang pandai-pandai ye. Pricey or not will depend on your own demarcation).

Some photos to stimulate your imagination. :)

Fun Info : In the United States and Canada, a cookie is a small, flat, baked treat, usually containing fat, flour, eggs and sugar. In most English-speaking countries outside North America, the most common word for this is biscuit. A cookie is a plain bun in Scotland, while in the United Kingdom, a cookie is referred to as a biscuit, although some types of cookies maintain this name, such as the American-inspired Maryland Cookies, which are also sold there. In South Africa they are called biscuits, and the word cookie refers to cupcakes. (Source : Wikipedia)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Confinement Lady in Melaka

Dimangkinkan oleh permintaan seorang rakan blogger dan Twitter saya, Puan Ayin (yang kini mula membuka tempahan online untuk cookies, kek, biskut dan lain-lain juga), lalu saya telah memaksa kakak saya untuk menyenaraikan hasil kaji selidik beliau selama lewat beberapa minggu ini. Masih belum ada testimonial peribadi dari kakak saya, memandangkan beliau masih belum bersalin, namun begitu, beliau telah membuat perjanjian dengan Kak Sania untuk perkhidmatan selepas bersalin dengan mengubah sedikit harga mengikut perkhidmatan yang diperlukan, setelah mendapat persetujuan kedua-dua pihak.

Ini adalah hasil daripada senarai yang berjaya dihubungi oleh kakak saya; ada juga yang tidak menjawab panggilan atau tidak membalas mesej (mungkin sedang sibuk mengurut). Anda juga mungkin boleh meng-Google berkenaan "tukang urut selepas bersalin di Melaka" atau kata kunci yang seakan dengannya, dan mendapatkan lebih banyak maklumat untuk lebih banyak perbandingan.

Sila kelik gambar untuk lebih jelas

Fun Info : In Japan, most women stay in the hospital for 4 to 7 days after vaginal delivery, and about 10 days after caesarean section, (also c-section, caesarian section, cesarean section, caesar, etc). Source and more reading, here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Of Pregnancy & Related Things So Far

Before I knew it, I'm now officially in my 3rd trimester. May be it's the same as before, but this time I feel heavier even it's only 28 weeks. Pinggang cepat sakit kalau duduk lama, tidur terlentang dah rasa mengah, punggung cepat sengal kalau banyak berjalan, kaki kanan dan kiri bergilir-gilir rasa lenguh kalau banyak buat kerja rumah. May be age is also one of the contributing factors. Being pregnant in 20s and 30s give you different experience.

On preparation progress, so far we are doing a bit slow. We already bought a few of baby items, considering some of Eirsa's are still usable. But we have yet to rearrange the third room, giving space for the confinement lady, that will stay with us for 3 weeks. And of course for Mak, whom will also stay with us 1+ week prior to the confinement lady. And I tell you, only 1/2 of the third room area is visible. And of course, prior to clearing up the third room, we have to bring in Eirsa and her sister's wardrobe for better and permanent rearrangement.

Haih.. Quite some stuffs to be done, like my sister (who is awaiting for labor of her 4th child, the first girl!) said, "Tak kira anak ke berapa pun, semua nak kena pakai duit, semua nak kena ada masa mengemas." Hope Allah helps me with the financial and my stamina.

Despite those necessities, we are also planning to bring Eirsa to another trip, before we could call for any vacation off, for at least 6 months. Planned to go to Cameron Highlands in January 2012, but the weather seems not cooperating. I mean high lands + raining = high potential of landslides. We are only left with window in January 2012, since December 2011 is definitely not a good time to go for a vacation (school break = crowded + more expensive) while February 2012 would be considered as quite late. Perhaps we could work out for some other places where Eirsa could have her fun time.

Oh ye. I managed to made room of small portion in my wardrobe by giving away some stuffs to Kak Chik (office cleaner) and the gang. Some of my old kebayas, kurungs, shirts and t-shirts that could no longer accommodate my fat, were all given away. Some even unworn. My mother-in-law joined the small cause too, ended up we gave 2 big bags of apparels to Kak Chik and the gang. They were so happy with our small contributions and also more rooms for my new clothes (which I planned to buy after my confinement period). Win-win situation. Alhamdulillah..

1/3 of those give-aways.

Fun Info : Colostrum is produced at around week 24. More very good information on pregnancy and birth, here (they also have a simple quiz!).
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