Friday, July 20, 2012

Shit Happens and Needs To Be Cleaned Up

Pulang kerja, trafik perlahan dan kadang kala sangat perlahan hingga terhenti.

Semua mahu pulang ke rumah segera. Minda lunyai, fizikal lunyai, emosi pula di atas garisan antara lembut dan keras. Bergantung.

Seperti hari-hari lain, hari itu aku dan Eirsa berdua di dalam kereta pulang; bersenda dengan lagu-lagu nyanyian pelat Eirsa, gelak tertawa dan kadang kala tersenyap. Senyap yang disebabkan oleh aku terpenat tiba-tiba.

Dah jadi biasa aku akan menjeling cermin pandang belakang, untuk memerhatikan kereta belakang tidak mengekori terlalu dekat. Kadang kala memaki di dalam hati apabila kereta belakang mengekori terlalu hampir. Seriau.

Dan dalam aku menjeling, kereta Honda Civic ini pemandunya sedang ralit memandang pembinaan bangunan baru di seberang jalan. Trafik yang sedang terhenti, juga aku. Tetapi tidak kereta itu dan debaran hati aku. Dalam masa aku memerhati, 5 saat sahaja, GEDEGANG ciuman kasar muncung Honda Civic ke buntut kereta aku. SHIT!

Aku pastikan Eirsa OK. Aku pastikan aku OK. Aku pastikan aku ingat Allah. Aku pastikan aku memohon Dia mudahkan segala. Aku menelefon suami. Semua sempat aku buat sebelum pemandu Honda Civic keluar dari kenderaannya, menjengah kemusnahan yang dilakukan dan mengetuk tingkap kereta aku dan meminta aku meninjau sekali. Kononnya tiada kemusnahan ketara dan memohon perkara selesai begitu sahaja. Tetapi tidak, bumper kereta aku sengat sebelah, walau tidak calar teruk.

Diringkaskan, perkara-perkara ini yang aku telah ambil, dan mungkin kau juga mahu ambil, sekiranya perkara di atas terjadi kepada kau, terutama yang perempuan :

1) Ingat Allah. Memohon dimudahkan segala.
2) Pastikan mereka yang ada di dalam kereta adalah ok.
3) Telefon dia atau mereka yang berkenaan.
4) Alih kereta ke setepi mungkin jalan untuk tidak mengganggu kenderaan lain.
5) Turun meninjau kesan kejadian; ambil nombor plat kereta yang melanggar. Juga ambil gambar.
6) Jika tempat kejadian tidak mengizinkan untuk berlakunya perbincangan, beralih ke tempat lain yang lebih lapang. 
7) Aku, memandangkan berseorang dengan si kecil 3 tahun, tidak turun dari kenderaan untuk berbincang dengan pelanggar, tetapi menunggu suami / adik suami (yang kebetulan berada lebih dekat di tempat berbincang) tiba untuk menyelesaikan hal itu.
8) Betul, si pelanggar ada peluang untuk lari, tapi kau dah ambil nombor kenderaan dia tadi. Jangan panik jika ini berlaku kerana kau sudah boleh melaporkan kes ini di balai polis.
9) Bincang. Bincang. Bincang. Tak perlu tegang. Bincang dengan hormat.
10) Laporkan kejadian pelanggaran dalam 24 jam kejadian.
11) Maklumkan kepada pelanggar yang laporan telah dibuat. Pelanggar juga wajib melaporkan dalam 24 jam, sebelum didakwa.
12) Berurusan dengan ejen insuran tentang proses.
13) Berurusan dengan tempat membaiki kenderaan.
14) Berurusan semula dengan pelanggar atau ejen insuran pelanggar.

Untuk kes aku, nasib baik insuran aku ambil dengan ejen insuran Honda, lalu hanya perlu : 

(sambung dari langkah 11)

12) Berurusan dengan ejen kereta Honda untuk membaiki kenderaan.
13) Ambil laporan penuh dari polis yang boleh diperolehi di balai polis trafik tempat laporan dibuat, 3-4 hari setelah pihak ketiga (pelanggar) membuat laporan. Bayaran RM17 untuk keseluruhan laporan yang layak diperolehi.
14) Hantar laporan penuh kepada ejen kereta Honda dan pihak Honda akan melakukan pemeriksaan untuk mengenalpasti bahagian yang perlu dibaiki atau diganti.
15) Jika masih boleh dipandu, kereta tidak perlu ditinggalkan di bengkel Honda. Bawalah balik kereta kau untuk kegunaan biasa. Pihak Honda akan mulakan pesanan spare part yang perlu, dan sekiranya telah sedia, mereka akan telefon untuk temujanji proses penggantian.
16) Bayaran akan diuruskan oleh ejen insuran Honda, terus kepada insuran pelanggar. Tiada bayaran yang perlu dibuat oleh aku.

Apa-apa pun syukur kepada Allah, dalam ujian yang diberi, masih lagi dipermudahkan segala urusan.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Online Shopping; Please Help You and Your Money

At times my online shopping addiction is not controllable. It's not only about buying things and leaving a huge hole in my wallet, but the time taken to do all the unnecessary browsing is a damage by its own too.

It's not that I will be left with nothing in my wallet to buy lunch towards the end of the month, I'm not that addicted that I could starve just to shop. But come to think about it, if I don't proceed with those purchase because of "have to get them when they are on sale!", "have to get the new stuffs!", "oh no, it comes in other cute color too!" and all those little evilish whispers in your mind, I could actually save A LOT, or accumulate them to get a step closer to the handbag of my dream or to save them for my iPhone5 purchase. I mean those purchase that I really wanted, that could give bigger impact to me.

It's not that I don't want to do online shopping at all. Sometimes online shopping is necessary; when I run out of stocks and we have no time to get them by conventional shopping. Or may be when I want to add new outfits into my wardrobe, once in awhile. It's just that it is so not necessary to visit all these websites on daily basis and worse, accidentally spent on something that you don't really need.

Sharing this dilemma in Twitter, my fellow Twitter friend (@NayaAzhar) responded on the existence of LeechBlock which led me to Nanny, a Chrome extension application to block and unblock list of websites at your own desire.

So I gave it a try just now, to test the functionality. So far so good and I hope it could discipline me in both my online shopping (minor) addition and time management.

A good, simple guideline could be obtained here.


Adding list of to-block websites, with excellent setting of when-to-block
Tested and confirmed!
To unblock, hell yeah you'll be very lazy to unblock with this!

*Please click at photos for better view.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fullhouse, Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

It was agreed by the consensus (my husband, in-laws and I) that the place's ambiance was superb (great for party), the price was acceptable, the food presentation was OK but the taste was so-so je lah.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Incident.

So yeah, it happened to me : the freezer door was accidentally left a little ajar over the night and thawed all my 105 oz frozen expressed breast milk. And lucky me and Eivie, we made 2 separate storage of frozen EBM; one at my own house, another at my PIL's. But still, the thought of losing 105 oz EBM is heartbreaking.

We only realized this situation around 9 am. At this point, all the 105 oz has fully thawed, i.e. needed to be used within 24 hours. As impossible as it sounded to finish all 105 oz within 24 hours, I didn't dare to break the 24-hours rule entirely. I chose to extend for another 3 hours and make it 27 hours and prayed to Allah to preserve the good condition of those EBM.

I wasn't in good emotional state for the whole day. I wasn't angry but rather frustrated. I forgot to think of better things to do but mourned. And it was actually a mistake on its own. At this point all I can think of was to put Eivie on sole EBM for the next 27 hours but that could only utilize around 25 oz of EBM. And at the same time I had the fear of Eivie rejecting direct feed after a long bottle feeding period as it happened 3 times during weekends (separate events). Too many issues to think of but not the solutions, silly me.

12 of 24 hours passed by. Then only I could think straight and come across the idea of giving the EBM while it was still OK, to other babies. 12 hours wasted, silly silly me.

Tweeted about it and a blogger-Twitter-Facebook friend Cik Daun, instantly replied. Alhamdulillah, we agreed to meet around 10 pm and I gave her 28 oz of the thawed EBM. The idea was to save (by giving to other baby) as much as possible. Cik Daun suggested to give the thawed EBM to NICU, which was a great idea but it was a little too late. We didn't have direct contact with a doctor or person in charge in any hospital and it was not a straightaway method of giving EBM to babies that need special care.

On the 28 oz breast milk give to Nazim (Cik Daun's baby), of course the ibu-anak susuan rule was always applied. My husband and I talked about it and with our limited knowledge on the subject (some say it will only jatuh hukum if the baby is fed with direct feeding, but some say regardless on whichever method, as long as the milk is supplied by mother A to baby B until the baby is full, five times of this session, they both are considered as ibu-anak susuan related, so we sticked to this rule), we proposed to Cik Daun to feed Nazim with my EBM for 4 times only. Husband said we wouldn't know what would happen in the future and this decision was very impromptu so we better stayed at the safe side.

All in all, I or rather we managed to use around half of the total 105 oz. Praise to God.

This incident force us to remember these things, if the same thing ever happen again to me or any breastfeeding mothers : 

1) Use 'to be used within 24 hours after the frozen EBM is fully thawed' to minimize the impact. You could perhaps put some buffer while the EBM is still OK (not advisable, but follow your gut feeling), but don't jeopardize the EBM quality by breaking the whole rule. Better yet, ask the expert on the impact of going further than 24 hours and if there's at any point you could tolerate.
2) Act fast; ask around whoever needs EBM, but they have to use it before the 24 hour ends. Giving it to NICU is a great idea but get the procedures in-hand first before you could proceed.
3) Be aware about the ibu-anak susuan guidelines as you don't want to have mahram issue in the future. Like my husband said, 20 years down the road is long, many things might just happen.
4) Yes you are panic and emotionally disturbed. Take a deep breath. Talk to your husband or friend. Try not to be too sad as there is nothing happen without His permission and He just knows everything and you don't want to doubt that. You need to stay focus to minimize the impact.
5) Equip yourself with knowledge of thawed EBM and the ibu-anak susuan guidelines beforehand.

You could read and ask the experts on the 24 hour rule, as well as the ibu-anak susuan guidelines. I'm still learning too but as of now I would still stick to the most stringent rules.

Till then.

Note : 
1) This might just strengthen my decision on hukum ibu-anak susuan, even with no direct feeding.
2) Husband cousin's suggested to bathe Eivie with the EBM, a good idea than let it wasted.
3) A fellow blogger friend had generously sought for the way to donate EBM to any hospital in Malaysia, please find the very informative article, here.

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