Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God's Miracle : In Its Simple Form

Every single second there are millions of God's miracles happened, without us realizing. We seldomly realized them on normal occassions but will really appreciate them when our situation needs God's miracle the most.

This was what happened to me just now. It might sound simple but yes, it eased the our whole plan for everybody, for the day.


We had no choice but to have Eirsa's dermatologist appointment at 2.30 today. Appointment was made last week, but the schedule was too packed and we could not wait until the weekend. So 21 September, 2.30pm it was.

This specialist's service required no cash from us, since it was covered under the company's medical insurance, as long as we could produce the Guarantee Letter (GL). The GL could be faxed to you in less than 30 minutes by the insurance company, provided you had filled up the GL request form properly, together with the recommendation letter from panel clinic. It's a normal and easy prosess except that I was on medical leave until yesterday and the recommendation letter was in my office, so I could only request for the GL today.

The plan basically : I had to process the GL application, received and signed the GL this morning, Samurai would pick up the signed GL, fetch Eirsa and Opah and go to the specialist clinic. Not a big deal, we'd been to the clinic many times, Eirsa was home with Opah, Opah could help Eirsa's getting ready on time and Samurai's office is just 10 minutes away from Opah's house.

Except that Samurai had an unexpected, unscheduled, unplanned meeting with his boss and the meeting only ended at 12.50pm. To recap, he had to come to my office for the GL, which is 20 minutes away (one-way), fetch Eirsa in Damansara, travel from Damansara to Subang Jaya and had no choice but to make it before 2.30pm. For those who knew, Klinik Pakar Kulit Ranjit in Subang Jaya is always crowded every single second. You could get stuck there around 1-2 hours, even an appointment. And, it was raining. KL, raining, traffic : they are not good friends. Grrrreat.

And suddenly, God's miracle came to us, in the form of heroic figure of a friend of mine, Mr. H. He needed to go to Damansara during lunch hour and invited us to join him for lunch. If everything was in place, Samurai did not have to drive all the way to my office but rather pick the GL in Damansara. Talking about the save of total of around 45 minutes.


As said, Samurai was having a meeting (that I didn't know till then) and Mr. H needed to make a move at 12.45pm. I tried to reach Samurai's phone until 12.44pm and prayed hard that he could at least pick up the phone so that I could inform him on the new plan. But I didn't want to delay Mr. H's plan either, so I reluctantly asked them to proceed and I could probably still catch up if I could reach my husband in 5 minutes.

6 minutes and 15 missed calls later, Samurai returned my call. Put him on hold, I called Mr. H and he was STILL at the office car park. Praising Allah for his help and mercy, I managed to join Mr. H to Damansara, informed Samurai to meet me somewhere there, save their trip to the clinic by 45 minutes and they managed to reach there at 2.10pm, 20 minutes before the appointment time. They then completed the examination and all before 3.00pm. GOD IS GREAT. GOD IS GREAT. GOD IS GREAT.

If Mr. H did not have to go to Damansara, Samurai did not pick up the phone or return my call on time and I missed Mr. H's 'rombongan' to Damansara, there was high possibility that the appointment needed to be rescheduled or Eirsa would be treated as walk-in patient (if the missed the appointment time) which would only be attended only after 2-3 hours after the registration. It was even relieving since the traffic from Damansara to my office was later found unexpectedly congested, perhaps due to the rain.

So yes. Miracle happens to you everytime. You just need to realize it.

Note : On Eirsa's development, we'll take a photo on the strange things on her skin and inshaAllah will let you know the result a week after the treatment as recommended by Dr Ranjit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I Love About Pregnancy

It has been 16 weeks now, calculated from the first day of my last menses.

I don't really reach 4 months though, it's going to be in 1-2 weeks. Calculating in weeks made me forget how many months had passed by.

Alhamdulillah, getting better gradually I still sometimes find myself struggling with bloated stomach, fatigue (like most of the time after walking or even eating), the appetite is still so-so, and still menumpang at PIL's house. I've been back in the office since after long raya holiday but could make it the most of 3 of 5 working days. But all in all, this is much better than the past 2 months. *sujud*

And yes, second trimester is the most enjoyable time by expecting mothers, provided the morning sickness is gone or at least 50% gone. The stamina is gradually back in action, the belly is just nice to fit in some loose casual outfits and even maternity wear if some wished to, the feet are yet to swell, the weight is still bearable to be dragged to the shopping malls! But I don't know,  this time my shopping enthusiasm seems to 'jatuh longkang' and I had done no shopping for myself for the past 3 months, except for a pair of Raya wedges and a pair of Raya Diva bulky rings. And browsing through the online shopping websites made me tired.

As I had been going out more than the early pregnancy, I've also started to experience the blessings, the joys of being a pregnant lady. Some of them :

1) There's always an empty spot of car park. And most of them is near to the entrance. *grin*
2) Waiting made shorter for us, as out of sudden there's additional counter will be opened to cater for our needs! *grin*
3) Orang belanja makan. Er.. Ikut nasib la. ;)
4) Mengidam, berdoa dan inshaAllah lambat laun akan dapat. What happened was I had been salivating in my mind about mee kari during puasa. May be I had mentioned it to husband once but just kept it quiet after that since it is not easy to find mee kari during the day. Besides, our usual tapau spots were mostly closed and only opened with juadah berbuka which mostly offered nasi berlauk. And during hari raya, it was indeed a sweet coincidence where most of the close relatives' houses that I visited has mee kari as one of their menus! Hambik kau, kembung mee kari.
5) Generous MCs. I know, this should be number 1. *grin wider*

And I'm sure many of you would've experienced a lot of other unexpectedly lucky event and why don't you share with us? :)

For those expecting mothers, I would like to humbly share, anything that you are wishing for being it edible or inedible things, just have those wishes clearly kept in your mind, pray to God, (could may be ask it from your husband once or twice but doesn't really have to be pursued) be patience and redha. Kalau ada rezeki untuk kamu, inshaAllah akan sampai juga kepada kamu.

Note : I plan to read more about jaundice; the cause and the prevention and may be will share with you.
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