Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yukids Island, The Curve

If I'm not mistaken the soft launch was back in Dec 2011. We discovered this place by accident.

Located at the second floor, Yukids Island is yet another place for parents to have their personal time with each other or any kind of relationship with their gadgets while the kids are all having the highlight of the day. Safety-wise, the almost all areas in the place are 'insulated' with padding, topped up with colorful presentation and several stations with different equipment for the children. But I have to admit that the place is rather small.

During weekdays, the pay-per-entry with unlimited play hours and unlimited adults to accompany a kid, Yukids' charge is RM20 for kids age through 9 years old, while for weekends, the charge is RM30 (of course). No socks needed although somehow I feel socks are still required, due to hygienic reason.

Personally, I think this place is more suitable for kids less than 6 years old as the level of adventure is moderate to low.. No gigantic slides or never-ending "konon-konon" confusing tunnels or high towers that could reach the sky, this place is rather cool for toddlers who are still getting used to the keep-on-coming new adventures in their life. At least the place managed to keep Eirsa very occupied for 2 hours, before pengsan kepenatan.

Locker card. Locker facility comes with no extra charge.

Sempat menonton pertunjukan tarian singa...

... Sebelum sambung semula bermain.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Double Celebrations!

So this is what would happen if
  • you have been dating for 12 years and 4 years of those as married couple 
  • your birthdays are just 1 month apart 
  • you both already have an almost 3 years old toddler and,
  •  the female is heavily pregnant
.......... One birthday celebration that could fit both, with a good, practical, pre-determined gift.

Nevertheless, we both enjoyed each and every moment a lot, especially that we still have each other despite all the ups and downs. Some days were easy peasy, some were just as rough as other married couple. We pray that Allah give us the same strength, same passion to go through this life with each other as it definitely is going to be tougher in the future.

Happy belated birthday to us, cheers!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Minggu Tiga Puluh Dua

Dah minggu ke 32. Kalau dibahagi empat secara langsung, sudah 8 bulan. Tapi kalau ikut kiraan hari (1 bulan bersamaan 30 hari), baru 7 1/2 bulan.

Selak-selak kad rekod antenatal bayi dalam perut sekarang, terpikir pula nak buat perbandingan rekod antara budak berdua ni. Boleh buat anggaran berapa berat bayi yang akan lahir, juga berat emaknya setelah cukup tempoh untuk melahirkan. So, here we go.

Kesimpulan awal yang boleh saya buat sekarang ini adalah :

1) Berat bayi dijangkakan lebih dari 3.12kg jika bayi dilahirkan pada tarikh jangka lahir atau lewat. Ini juga memberi maksud Mommy bayi perlu berusaha lebih sewaktu melahirkan (pertama kali akan melahirkan bayi secara normal, jika diizinkan Allah) atau boleh juga berusaha supaya bayi dilahirkan awal 1 atau 2 minggu dari tarikh jangka lahir.

2) Berat Mommy bayi juga dijangkakan lebih dari 60kg, tidak kira lah sama ada Mommy bayi akan melahirkan bayi lebih awal, pada atau lewat dari tarikh jangka lahir. Ini juga memberi maksud Mommy bayi perlu berusaha lebih untuk menurunkan berat badan ke tahap yang diinginkan (45kg ke bawah).

Kedua-dua kesimpulan di atas membuatkan saya rasa berdebar-debar!

Hai bayi!
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