Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Her First Malaysia International Passport

It is very thoughtful of Malaysian Immigration to introduce new weekend business hour for passport new application and renewal, starting Nov 2010. They offer this extended business hour at 7 offices in Klang Valley; Damansara, Precint 15 Putrajaya, Port Klang, Wangsa Maju, Kajang, Subang and Shah Alam. Business hour is from 0730 to 1300 hours. Besides, their new online application and renewal service do decrease the number of at-counter-application visitors. The processes were simple :
  1. Fill up the form with complete supporting documents (the latest form is simple, worry not).
  2. Submit the form for process.
  3. Pay for the summed amount.
  4. Collect the ready passport (upon application approval), not more than 1 hour after payment made.
Nevertheless, our aim to reach there at 8.00am was indeed just a dream. We reached there at 9.30am, went straight to the studio booth and took the latest photo of both Mommy (my passport expired last year) and Eirsa. Not easy to capture a good passport photo of Eirsa but yeah, we managed. 4 pieces of passport photo were for RM15, and we were not given the softcopy. But perhaps if we brought along a thumbdrive and insisted for a copy, we might get ours with perhaps small amount of additional charge.

So then we went to the ambil-angka-giliran counter but given the form to be filled up first. Ye lah, dah kalau diberi nombor awal-awal tapi terkial-kial nak mengisi borang sampai tiba angka giliran, penat pula orang menunggu. Re-requested for the latest number, we were given the special shorter series as Eirsa's application was considered as special case. Groups of special applicants with special can-jump-queue treatments were :
  • Warga emas of 60 years old and older
  • OKU
  • Kids less than 7 years old
  • Pregnant ladies
We were called within 15 minutes after the number assignment and the documents submission processes completed in just 10 minutes (could be even earlier if Eirsa did not meronta-meronta bila Mommy nak pinjam jari untuk dapatkan cap jari domok nya itu).

Then we have to wait to be again called to make payment. It took around 30 minutes (after 1 complete episode of Ultraman and numerous Yusuf Taiyoob dates ads) to make payment as I believe payment could only be made if our application was approved. In fact, Eirsa's passport payment made 5 minutes earlier than mine (not at the same time). I made full payment for my renewed passport and half for new Eirsa's passport. If I'm not mistaken, half price for child with age 18 and less and perhaps for other groups to which I did not capture (sowi).

Since we were promised with 1-hour passport ready after payment made, we went for our heavy brunch first. Lapar. Worry not, there were many shop lots and restaurants at that area (tak perlu ke Alamanda pun) and we went to Ani Sup Utara. Yummy. But actually there was possibility for the passport to be ready in less than 1 hour and if you wanted, you could just wait there until your number was being called.

Her (and my ehem ehem) best photo.

Menunggu giliran sampai tergeliat badan

It's A Fact! : Pakistan requires a Muslim citizen who applies for a passport to subscribe to the following declaration :
  1. I am a Muslim and believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad the last of the Prophets
  2. I do not recognize any one whole claims to be a prophet in any sense of the word or any description whatsoever, after Prophet Muhammad or recognize such a claimant as a prophet or a religious reformer as Muslim.
  3. I consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be an impostor prophet and an infidel and also consider his followers whether belonging to the Lahori, Qadiani or Mirzai groups, to be non-Muslims.
The declarationw as instituted by the Islamist military regime of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. The reason for the declaration was to prevent Ahmadis who are derogatorily called Qadianis from going to Mecca or Medina for Hajj or Umrah. (Source).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Temper Tantrum Terrible Two, You Name It

Eirsa is now 2 years and 3 months old and I think we, the parents, have started to master the art of dealing with the famous terrible two. No. Too ambitious. We are just beginning to get the full picture of the expectations but talking about the art of dealing with this kind of tantrum, we are far from perfect (lagi mau cerita pasal master, chet!).

So yes, the tantrum, when it comes, could really test your patience. I was not the angelic patience mother type, even my close friends were quite surprise that I could tolerate with a kid better than I could tolerate with myself. And talking about tantrum 2, I admit, during the earlier stage my blood boil everytime. E-ve-ry tai-emm. I tried to be reasonable, I avoided shouting at her (which made my blood even went higher!), I avoided to babab her. But when the tantrum comes, me, being a human being that could easily be influenced by shaitonirrajim, I several time babab-ed her. And twice I regret shouting at her (at home, never ever in public, you should not portray your anger in the public as the kids understand humiliation and they will just go wilder).

Trust me, neither any specific ways would work. Every time she throws her tantrum, she demands different treatment. Sometimes she would just settle down with me ignoring her un-meet-able demand (of course after a good 10 minutes scream), or sometimes she would just continue crying sampai muntah atau hilang suara atau sampai sakit badan dek hempas-hempas ke lantai until I came to console her. Or on the other odd days, after all efforts, Mommy gt tired, gave he a babab or two, consoled her, then only she cooled down. Bribing her with her favorite stuffs would not work all the time.

Somehow or rather, we managed to get the gist of these painful episodes of tantrum :

1) The communication gap. She is in the phase of developing her vocabs (I believe all is in her head now but to get it out is totally another story and skill). As such she could just go "Ni.." "No.." "Bear..." "Cow..." "Ooonnn (bangun..)" and any other single word which would not be 100% reflected to her exact desire. And I tell you what, the desire could change in split second, ikut dan dia je.

2) The ability to deny parents' directions. True enough, her default answer now is "No!" even though she would eventually follow our directions but that would be the default first response.

3) The preference. If she would want her BearBear A, that means she WANTED THAT SPECIFIC Bearbear (grrr.....). Not the other BearBear cousins. And the preference keeps on changing depends on her mood. How to predict? Cannot. At least you are good at mind reading (please share the skills with me!)

4) The feeling that Mommy and Papa could do anything for her. Hatta meredah lautan bara api. So everything that she demanded SHOULD BE MET by us, which is very unfortunately darling, Mommy could never bring a dead cow alive.

5) The insecurity. Yes, She still has the insecurity in her in which she has the feeling that if she did not get what she wanted, the whole world will collapse. Not literally but more or less la. Their knowledge on things like alternatives, there's always next time, is very little.

6) The uncomfortable self or surrounding. For instance she seldomly woke up at night, screaming. That usually indicated that either she had bad dreams or her sleep disturbed by the heat or just simply caused
by a stomachache. And since you already knew what to do with these discomfort, quickly applied the remedy for any possibilities.

Frankly, this post contains no specific approaches or solutions to be applied this period of tantrum two. Same like other parents, we are still learning on both Eirsa's behaviour and our behaviour towards her tantrum. Still, perhaps :

1) You could follow your instinct in dealing with the tantrum but keep the good parenting values close with you; which means no scolding or babab-ing in public, no shouting, but at the same time not necessarily to follow bluntly what she wants.

2) Try to be creative in providing solution to all her wants, so that she would not have preference and as such the tolerance and acceptance to many solutions could be widen. If she is so get used to routines, some little change to her daily activities could cause a major upset. Playing with what's-next game with the kids is somewhat interesting too!

3) You don't necessarily have to meet with all her demands. If you did, she would register that she could get everything that she wanted, everytime. Dangerous. Be creative, find alternatives.

4) Before introducing some new things for the to do, provide the explaination on what to expect beforehand. This would help them to accept any changes rather than creating yet another scene of protest.

5) Take turn. If Papa is dealing with the tantrum, Mommy doesn't have to add salt to injury and vice versa. Just let the anak-beranak settle down and monitor from afar.

6) Seek for assistance if required. If Mommy could not figure out what she wants, ask Papa to help. Usually Eirsa would go easier with the other parent whom she did not project the demand in the first place.

7) Be cool. She is the one who is upset. You are smart enough not to fall into the trap of shaitan's whispers but again, being a leeeetle human being this is hard to achieve. Still, inshaAllah, pray to Allah, istighfar, take a deep breath, take a step back or walk away for one or two minutes and do all the necessities (not necessarily to meed the demand, but rather to comfort her).

8) Upon the successfulness of the consolation, hug her, kiss her and whisper on her behaviour that could cause the world upside down and that she has to be in good behaviour for everything to go her way. The eyes might get caught to TV but she actually listened.

9) If possible, come up with a checklist and list down all the possible alternatives, so that you are always equipped with the solution. But to attend a hysterically screaming child and to look for the checklist at the same time is not always easy. :)

10) Accept yourself as you are and not to meet others' expectations. They don't know the trouble and not helping either. Do the best as guided in your faith and inline with humanity. You could never go wrong.

May be I forgot to include any other important things but you guys are just beautiful parents are you are. Enjoy parenthood!

Note : More reading, go here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kota Kinabalu, 13 June 2011

These are fresh from oven.

Am now one a queen-sized bed, Le Meridian Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Not a gateaway, but more to another call of works. But somehow or rather, this is a good, brief me-time when I can enjoy my luxurious 30 mins bath, uninterrupted TV session and once in a blue moon night blogging! Yes, I didn't mention about uninterrupted sleep since it is almost sure that I'll still get 'interrupted' sleep after consistent 2 years of terjaga malam because of Eirsa. No regret but rather getting used to it and made me miss my baby a lot!

So, Kota Kinabalu. This is not my first, second or third. I had been here for quite some belas-belas time for work and once for our third honeymoon. But I could never get enough of this city. It seems to have inexhaustible list of offerings to the visitors. I will fall in love over and over again.

Arrived at around 7.30pm at the hotel, we still managed to catch up with the night markets in which there are 4 of them just around this area; the famous Philippines market (I bought nothing, puas dah bakar duit kat sini dulu), pasar jual buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran (I bought dried anchovies for Mak and Mama), pasar dried food (I bought nothing, but my staff bought whole lot of Amplang and kuih cin cin), pasar makan-makanan hawkers style (I bought my dinner here, nasik goreng membukit punya banyak!) and pasar malam jual all the denims, bags, shoes with very good bargain (I bought a bangle, worth buying!). Pasar buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran offered the best selections that you could get; all items are well packed and very neat! Murah dan fresh, tok sah nak cakap la. I takut Mak nak bermastautin kat sini je kalau jumpa benda-benda makan yang fresh begini.

Foreigners are not foreign here. They are always some numbers of them, most of them backpackers.

I always say KK is good place for tourism. The kaki scenery gunung Kinabalu, the breathtaking islands around Tunku Abdul Rahman marine area, the night markets, and not to forget, the fresh fresh fresh seafood. I'll definitely come back, with Eirsa of course. One day.

Ye. Saya menyesal. Sebab malas nak bawak camera. Lalu terpaksa ambil gambar guna camera iPhone 3GS sahaja. Harap maaf kualiti gambar tidak sesedap mata memandang.

The flea market was located along this road. And very early in the morning, the road already cleaned! I mean, very clean!
This thing is heavy, I mean not the cheapo style. But I manage to get this half of first offered price.

 Note : Can't wait to go home. Homesick. Mengada gedik.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's Get Crafty!

I've been doing a lot of Ida's blog reading lately and getting inspired with her creativity in both photography and blog designing. And recently, Marliza has opened for orders, for her very own diaper cake (very cute baby shower gift!), make me feel like I wanted to start venturing more in this small itsy bitsy arty passion that I have.

I'm not that good in crafting, neither I am in photography. But I have interest in both. I used to make 'cheap' simple birthday card for my friends back in secondary school and even received several (mind you, small quantity only) so-called orders from friends. Well, the old good boundary school style when you only had small amount of money to buy nasi lemak once every two days and the rest of the day you'd just satisfy your tummy with the chewy ikan jacket and labu masak kuah lemak putih. Lalu, nak beli kad Hallmark hatta Memory Lane pun tak kena buat budget berbulan-bulan.

I would usually just use colorful A4 papers available in my stock and come up with some collage type of cards. Usually during outing, I'd stock up colorful A4 papers or I would even keep any colorful papers that I found anywhere (bukan kutip tepi jalan, but those yang jumpa in magazines or newspaper or any kind of books) with interesting color or pictures. Betul. Lama-lama akan jadi menyemak locker besi nan lebar 50cm tinggi 200 cm itu.

And I made my own small doorgift boxes (later filled with wajik Melaka) with total of 800 units, for the guests during my reception. Not to mention the cheapskate crafts that I made for Eirsa's carers (nak jugak bagi walhal budget ciput suka hati kau lah kalau kau nak mengata aku kedekut).

Small steps at a time, I tried to add some new look for my blog. Cemburu sungguh hati melihat blog header yang creatively crafty yang dimiliki oleh bloggers kegemaran. I know, some just purely creative, some would pay for the creativity and uniqueness, while some would just copy any free available template from thousands offerred online. As for me, I go for free, simple, doable, yet original.

Browsing through the web yesterday, I virtually stumbled upon (sebenarnya ada je link kat blog Ida, I yang tak perasan!) this website Shabby Blogs and my darlings, it's free! Quite some options offerred for both background and blog header. I opted several background, tried to apply some designs to my blog but it didn't seem to work well. Senget, skewed to the right or left, shrunk, etc. Buruk dan kelihatan terlalu mencuba. Then I tried some available blog headers, modified here and there, add small personal touch (using Photoscape) and voila! Hasil yang ringkas sebegini!

I would love to explore the opportunities to add other craft materials to my blog as they also provide free accessories such as buttons, post pretties, sidebar titles and such. Tapi mood belum mari lagi. Nak siapkan yang sekarang ni pun berhempas pulas.

As for the background, I still used this free background pattern maker that I've been using for quite sometimes, which I found super easy peasy to customize background at anytime I want (but with limited design).

No, you don't want me to guide you one by one on how to do this and that. You want to explore all the opportunities yourself so that you could feel the artistic feeling! Ha ha. Maaf lawak rasa nak lempang. The guidelines are all available at the website or software. Go explore and let you imaginations fly high!

May be one day I'll come up with my very own craft products, not necessarily blog design, but something else in which I have actually bought some of the materials quite some times ago but being keep in our utility room as dust collector.

Fun Facts : 1) I never get higher than B- for my Pendidikan Seni during high school. 2) I am an IT graduate but I know only 20% about coding. Everything that I did to my blog was totally code-free (I was just using the available applications or shortcuts).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carilah Jalan Keluar

Apa ke jadahnya perkara sebegini? Kot ye pun 'bot', janganlah sampai buat lawak tahap guling serupa ini. 

Kenapa Kau Diam Membisu?

I don't know.

I didn't feel like sharing much thus the flow on stories that I wanted to share with you, tak mari (didn't come). Atau mati di tengah jalan. Bits and pieces were everywhere but I didn't have the mood to join connect everything together.

By the way, I'm now looking forward for my very first vacation without Eirsa (since her existence). I'll be going to a famous holiday destination in Malaysia with only Mak and my younger brother, Hasry. Just the three of us, semua pun 'bujang', in 2 weeks. It was a short notice vacation plan that I've ever made (1 month notice is considered a short notice for me).

I don't know what to expect, I know I will certainly miss Eirsa a lot (ok lah, I'm going to miss Husband too but bearable la, plus at night, he can easily sail off to neverland whenever his head touch the pillow). But Eirsa, hmmm.. May be the get to bed part is going to be easy but she might wake up in the middle of night and look for me. I have confidence in Husband and my in-laws but when Eirsa is in her super-cranky mode, memang boleh jadi sakit jiwa sangat menduga kesabaran. Not that I had never left Eirsa alone with Husband before, but previously she was too little to understand that I'll not be around for quite some time. And her level of mogok was much tolerable when she was younger. Plus I traveled very little lately and Eirsa is spoiled with my daily availability at home.

Whatever it is flight tickets have been paid for, so does our 3D/2N accommodation. Despite the worry, I'm still excited as this is the first Mak will be on a flight. In fact, the reason I'm doing all these is because Mak has been telling me how much she wanted to get on a flight several times before. With the condition that I only have one child and it is manageable for Husband to take a good care of her all by himself and with name of Allah I arranged everything for her and pray to Him that everything will go as planned. InshaAllah.

You be a good girl, ok? Saaaaaayang Eirsa.

Note : I already have all my outfits planned, in my head.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cerita Kereta, Minyak dan Duit

Yes, after 2 years of husband, Eirsa and myself travelling in our little Kelisa (correct, with stroller, car seat, bags fro Eirsa, bags fro parents, toys and all the necessities), we finally managed to upgrade our family car from a city car Kelisa to small family car; Honda Insight Hybrid. More on car size here.

Our main criteria during car shopping was the space; both driver + passanger seats and boot. Secondly the price range, since from there we could work out on the options what we had; technical specification, fuel consumption, pre-sales, after-sales services, depreciation value and of course, color. I would say Insight came in at just the right time for us. Alhamdulillah. Syukur. Syukur

Had Insight in March 2011, it was considered as new in Malaysia. Kalau pergi mana-mana akan jadi tumpuan. Rata-rata waktu parking, ramai akan bertanya tentang harga, performance dan kadang-kadang terpacul juga soalan "Sedap tak?". Apakah?

With help from Husband for some of the technical specifications, we came up with this important information or rather comparison of fuel consumption, in which I think would be the main criteria in considering a new car, other than the space, design, color and all (please click at image for better view).

All in all, so far we are happy and satisfied with the car; the space, the fuel consumption, the design. Dengan pemanduan berhemah, our average fuel consumption is 20 kilometer per liter. And, the performance of driving to Genting Highlands was not bad at all!

Hi baybeh!

Note 1 : Husband's car zaman bercinta, Satria (2003), sold for RM8,350.

Note 2 : On handling, car performance, maintenance and what not detail technical specifications, please ask Husband as there is a high possibility that I might respond to question such as "How about the ABS?" with "Oh, They are sexy with six-pack!" (You know, abs as in the flat tummy, instead of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)).

Fun Facts : United States is at rank 1 in list of countries by vehicles per capita, with 779 motor vehicles per 1000 people (as per record in 2008) and Malaysia is at rank 42 with 273 motor vehicles per 1000 people (as per record in 2007). (Source : Wiki)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Just A Click Away!


Jika anda suka mana-mana terbitan saya di blog ini, anda boleh 'suka' dengan kelik pada butang '+1' di bawah! Terbitan lepas juga boleh di'suka' juga.

Bagus Blogger kerana memahami yang rata-rata pembaca adalah malu untuk memberi komentar semula, tetapi di dalam hati berbunga suka akan sesuatu terbitan. Selain itu, dapat juga membantu mempromosikan terbitan yang disukai pembaca, untuk dikongsi bersama dunia!


If you liked any of my posts in this blog, you could 'like' the post by clicking the '+1' button as below! This feature is available for previous posts too!

I'm glad that Blogger is sensitive about readers' behavior in which most of them prefer to choose to be a silent reader even though they actually like a post. Besides, this is a very helpful tool for a blogger to promote and share their posts with the world!

Gambar Makanan Sahaja, Sungguh!

Guilty as charged, I didn't have much time to put many things I have in my mind now into readable and comprehend-able sentences, type and publish them. But I did have photos ready in my laptop, with some minor editing required.

So, let's salivate!

Note : Menu and price for Malaysia Bubba Gump is here, and I could not find Malaysia's version of Tony Roma's menu. Boleh budget cantik-cantik dan cuba.

Fun Facts : Locavore is a new word formed from two Latin words; locus, "place", and vorare, "to swallow". Found in 2001, this word is defined as "a person who attempts to eat only food grown-locally. (Source 1 and Source 2)

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