Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping and Shipping From Overseas, At Your Desk In Malaysia

So I read Maria Elena's post today regarding Borderlinx Maybank.

It's kind of a trend for those who can afford it, to buy things from outside Malaysia for more varieties and during good days, because of it's bargained price.

I learned that some did it via some famous shopping and/or shipping services HopShopGo and vPost and perhaps some had used Borderlinx, but now Borderlink has collaborated with Maybank to better serve their customers in Malaysia.

Of course of course of course. Price and delivery time would be major concerns. Since they are engaging with DHL, I suppose delivery time and quality is more or less equivalent with other shipping service provider. But price. Harga. Duit. Aku tak kaya, ok.

I've made a little revision on this, well, I'm not buying anything from overseas any time soon but yeah, I would like to know roughly what would it cost. Below is my humble comparison. Please take note that shopping and delivery via HopShopGo is a real case whereas estimated figure for delivery by Borderlinx is from their online calculator. Plus, our purchase and shipment via HopShopGo were taxed, around RM60+.

Borderlinx Maybank - Calculator

Borderlinx Maybank - Result

HopShopGo - Actual Case

Happy shopping!


najmi said...

kalo UK penah try tak?
HSG takde UK address.

Borderlinx ada.

Tapi nampaknya lagi mahal dari HSG tu utk US case.

Ahsuez said...

Hi Najmi, unfortunately tak pernah. Well, kami jarang order from overseas, sekali dua saja pun. From US saja.

Anonymous said...

Ada tak kena duti tax bila guna HSG semasa delivery?

Ahsuez said...

Dear Anon,

Kitaorg kena kat Malaysia custom, standard random check lalu kena. :)

hazirah said...

Ada satu lagi service yang tawarkan perkhidmatan sama untuk penghantaran ke luar negara. viabox. tapi dnegan harga yang lebih murah berbanding syarikat lain. bukan itu sahaja, ia tidak perlu yuran keahlian ataupun yuran pedaftaran. sangat berbaloi.

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