Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heart-Stealer Eivie, So Far

When I first held Eivie in my hands, she was crying for milk. Minutes later, she opened her eyes widely, made and eye contact with me and smiles. Yes, she smiled on her very first day! From then onward only God know how much I love this little person, and the feeling gets stronger daily. Eivie, without having to steal the same amount of love that I have for Eirsa, their papa and my own mother, creates a very special space in my heart.

Eivie had her first tooth when she was 8 months old; 3 months earlier than Eirsa, had her first steps at 1 year, 1 month and 3 weeks old, more or less the same like Eirsa, still enjoying breastfeeding at her own convenience and I still cook for her daily meal. But with Eirsa, I could and had to pump 16 oz of breastmilk per day for her daily consumption at daycare but for Eivie, she settles down with only 7 oz breastmilk while at her daycare. I could not pump as much as back then but alhamdulillah it's still sufficient for her.

Eivie is easier to take care of as compared to Eirsa. Perhaps we were new parents back when Eirsa was a baby but one of the obvious things was that Eivie was a night-sleeper while Eirsa was a day-sleeper. Only God knows how hard it was for me when I was in confinement 4 years ago and thus perhaps He made it easier for me when I had Eivie.

Eivie is now a hardworking beginner talker, she starts talking in some understandable words as early as 1 year old. Unlike Eirsa, her first proper words perhaps in the late second year of her life (even now she still could not construct a good complete sentence, perhaps due to our bi-language approach). She can pronounce some words like mumay (mommy), papa, atuk, tatak, ball, tutup, habis, beh (bird), nanak, mamam, nana (banana), tek (cat), pish (fish), beh (bear), yayak, hello, adoi, baby, dirty, jom, thank you and even airplane! (and some other words aku tak boleh ingat semua).

Eivie is such a sweetheart, I could just gomol her all day long (of course dia akan tolak muka aku dan meronta-ronta), despite she could sometimes be too clingy with me. Saja mengada. She eats well, she nenen well, but she's such a light-sleeper. Senang terjaga. When the time was not right (nak tumbuh gigi, hot season), she would wake up every hour due to discomfort. On good days (not always), she could sleep from 10pm until 3-4 am for milk. Normally she-ll have 2-3 feeding session at night. I don't know how do some babies could sleep through the night, the parent should not ask for more. Haha.

Dear 1 year and 3.5 months old Eivie, everyone loves you dearly, baby. Please don't grow up too soon.

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