Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From Old Routines to New Routines Back to Adjusted Old Routines.

Tomorrow I'll be back to office. Besides having trouble with my wardrobe (I only have 5 wearable tops and 4 wearable pants to work!! The world is not fair!!), I also need to adjust with the new schedule since Eivie is around.

For the time being, Eivie will be taken care by Opah, perhaps until she is 5-6 months old. Later she'll be sent to a daycare nearby Opah's house.

Conditions :

1) Opah's house is 20 mins away (smooth journey) from our house.
2) Eivie is yet to adapt with travelling in carseat.
3) Eirsa could now tolerate with travelling with no video-kind-of-entertainment in the car for maximum of 45 mins.
4) We have yet to enroll Eirsa (and later Eivie) to the new daycare.

With those conditions, the best we could do so far is :

1) Staying at Opah's house during weekdays, so my PIL don't have to travel to/fro my house to take care of Eivie.
2) Only go back to our house during weekends.
3) I still have to send Eirsa to current daycare, 20 mins away from Opah's house and fetch her after work.
4) I have to reach office before 7.30am else I have to pay RM7 for a freaking parking slot plus cursing for the bad traffic on daily basis.
5) As such, I have to wake up daily at 5.30am, leave Opah's house at 6.20am with Eirsa, drop her at nursery by 6.50am, reached office before 7.30am and save my RM7 with good mood.
6) Later that day, I'll fetch Eirsa at 6.15pm after work and will perhaps reach my PIL's an hour later due to KL's traffic.

So that's about that until we find the suitable new daycare for Eirsa and Eivie. So yeah. Poor Eirsa and I will leave the house before sunrise and reach the house after sunset.

This new arrangement will continue until we move out to our new house as it is easier for the girls to be stationed at their Opah's house before their parents fetch her. Except that when they go the new daycare, they don't have to leave the house that early and go back that late.

God. Please ease our searching and give us the strength. And if possible. Please give me power. To fly. Ameen.
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