Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday The 13th

It's just another day when I was quite late for work, grabbed my keys and bags, rushed towards the front door. Except that I felt my bag was quite heavier than usual.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Somebody surprised my by putting these in my bag! (Nasib baik nampak padahal dalam bag aku tu macam-macam khazanah ada, silap-silap boleh jumpa rimau).

So what's the occasion? Our 5th anniversary was on Aug 11th with minimal celebration, my birthday will be on 15 Jan 2013 (turning 32 ehem ehem still young and lively ehem ehem), so what's this for?

It's 30 Nov 2012 and it's actually our anniversary before our official anniversary. It marks our 13 years of dating, y'all! Haha. 13 years ye adik-adik.

13 years of basically going through ups and downs (at different level before and after marriage, of course), thick and thin, laugh and tears with the man that I love, that I never had loved other man as much as I love him. He knows that I really wanted to get Yuna's CD for myself but I keep postponing this to give way for other important thing and yes he played the sweetest person by getting me one. Chocolate, I'm not a chocolate person but I could give some exemption to Hershey's with nuts. Well, yeah, basically he knows almost everything about me. 

To my then boyfriend now husband, I dedicate this song for you and you only. Happy 13th anniversary.

Jika engkau minta intan permata tak mungkin ku mampu

Tapi sayangkan ku capai bintang dari langit untukmu
Jika engkau minta satu dunia akan aku cuba
Ku hanya mampu jadi milikmu pastikan kau bahagia

Hati ini bukan milik ku lagi
Seribu tahun pun akan ku nanti
Kan… kamu…

Jangan kau persoalkan siapa di hatiku
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu

Yuna - Terukir Di Bintang

P/S : Dear husband, oh yes, my wishlist is growing and of course I'm letting you know every single thing, you know, just in case they are needed for the next surprise. ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping and Shipping From Overseas, At Your Desk In Malaysia

So I read Maria Elena's post today regarding Borderlinx Maybank.

It's kind of a trend for those who can afford it, to buy things from outside Malaysia for more varieties and during good days, because of it's bargained price.

I learned that some did it via some famous shopping and/or shipping services HopShopGo and vPost and perhaps some had used Borderlinx, but now Borderlink has collaborated with Maybank to better serve their customers in Malaysia.

Of course of course of course. Price and delivery time would be major concerns. Since they are engaging with DHL, I suppose delivery time and quality is more or less equivalent with other shipping service provider. But price. Harga. Duit. Aku tak kaya, ok.

I've made a little revision on this, well, I'm not buying anything from overseas any time soon but yeah, I would like to know roughly what would it cost. Below is my humble comparison. Please take note that shopping and delivery via HopShopGo is a real case whereas estimated figure for delivery by Borderlinx is from their online calculator. Plus, our purchase and shipment via HopShopGo were taxed, around RM60+.

Borderlinx Maybank - Calculator

Borderlinx Maybank - Result

HopShopGo - Actual Case

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now Only I Can Eat

Sent Eivie to her daycare this morning with a little chaos; everything was in place except Eirsa demanded to ride on Atuk's car instead of Papa's. We would want to avoid her seeing us at the daycare as there is possibility that she would want to come back home with us, especially when if she saw me.

So we went with separate car; Eirsa with Atuk and Papa. Eivie with Mommy and Opah. Arrived not at the same time too and basically Eirsa had no idea that her sister is co-locating with her at the daycare and she didn't know we were there until around 9 a.m. (since 8.15 a.m. Well, I have A LOT to inform, please ignore my fussiness).

Left Eivie when she was busy exploring around. In fact she even started exploring the baby room and ignored us upon arrival. What a busy baby. She looked fine when we left her.

Papa and I had our breakfast with Atuk and Opah at a nearby restaurant and came back to 'stalk' Eivie at her daycare. Not really about seeing her development but rather listening. I mean we would want to avoid getting back inside the daycare and save Eivie as that would send her a wrong signal. So we just listened from outside the daycare. And we could not be visible to Eirsa either. If not lagi haru!

Heard her cry. Not contagious though. Cried, stopped, cried, stopped. For may be 5-10 minutes. And senyap. Senyap. So Papa and I left, leaving Atuk and Opah doing the standby duty.

An hour later I texted Opah and she said Eivie didn't cry upon she left either. That's a good sign.

Chatted with Lin, the daycare owner this afternoon and alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, she reported that Eivie is adapting well. Full report as below. :D

The night before.

With her new friend, other than her un-manage bushy hair, she looks fine to me.

So, well. I underestimated Eivie! She actually did well. Syabas my baby! Balik kang mommy gomol.

Hope this good development continues. InshaAllah.

Now only I my selera kicks in, give me my nasik, I want my nasik pronto!

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