Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Kaftan

Kalau tahu boleh jadi comel dan sungguh selesa begini, Mommy would have bought 10 for you!

I bought this when I was in Kuala Terengganu, for a short business trip. RM10 per piece, the material is very soft and tak panas. The kaftan was readily slitted at both left and right bottom, berlari, melompat dan tercampak bukan masalah!

Please mind the carca marba hair. Dan maaf, kualiti gambar kurang memuaskan.

Fun Facts : Kaftan is known as boubou, pronounced boo-boo in French and is one of folk costumes in some Africa countries.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Funland and Edutainment

So we've been to Starship Galactica, One Utama, and it's time to check out some new place. I mean, new to us. I think it has been a while since the last time we brought Eirsa for an outdoor session. Honestly, we were trying to avoid many outdoor sessions as it will definitely require us to spend. But since our financial is back in stable mode and Eirsa nowadays showed her signs of boredom of being alone and having to play with the same toys over and over again at home (walaupun mainan baru dibeli seminggu, pitam). Kejap-kejap hendak merengek. Kejap-kejap hendak mengamuk. Lalu Atuk mencadangkan supaya dibawa berjalan cucunya itu.

During Wesak day, we went to Megakidz, Mid Valley Megamall. Arrived there at 10.30am, since the business hour starts at 10.00am and Eirsa will usually have her afternoon nap around 1.00 or 2.00 pm. Besides, I loved it early due to less crowd and ample parking lots. And Eirsa would still be in her fresh and energetic mode.

Instead of being charged RM28 for kids of 2 year old and older, I managed to convince the staff to apply the RM14 for kids-under-2-year-old-rate, for Eirsa. I mean she's only two and the cut off should start from 3 years old instead of 2 years old. And since mommy, untuk kesekian kali nya, forgot to bring her socks, she had to reluctantly pay for RM6 for a pair of socks (kedekut, booo). Socks were to be worn at all time. But yes, I believe for kids under 3 should only be charged with RM14 only. They could not enjoy all the facilities as they most of the play areas are designed for bigger kids. Or, the smaller kids need to be accompanied by an adult, in which I tell you, it is not easy for an adult who is taller than 155cm to maneuver him/herself in the play cage. Husband was having hard time to accompany Eirsa, due to this limitation. Yes, I know, I was the smaller adult here but you should see the sign below where scarf was not allowed! (alasan, booo).

There were separate sections for kids less than 3 years old, which the older kids were not allowed. But the smaller kids were allowed to access those areas for bigger kids, to be accompanied by bigger kids/adults. Same like other play area, no outside food was allowed and they did have in-house cafe.

Sekali lagi, boleh lah ajar anak-anak menyimpan duit dengan mengumpan untuk membawa mereka ke tempat sebegini and I can tell you the kids could have a-whole-day funs that they wanted here!

Kena makan sebelum memerah keringat. Can't choose what to eat. Nak makan sambal lah. Mak oi! It's hot!
The play areas. Yes, the kids kalau duduk dalam ni 6 jam pun tak bosan.

Tempat ini pula kalau mak bapak duduk sembang pung pang pung pang sampai 6 jam pun tak bosan.

See! Scarves are not allowed!

Rainbow in action (part 1)

Rainbow in action (part 2)

Cinema room. Tempat melepas lelah.

Rainbow in action, sambung  (part 3)

This was one of the carer. If I'm not mistaken MegaKidz will charge RM30 for this service. This fellow looked comfortable with the kids and vice versa.

Fun Fact : 1) I thought edutainment was not a registered English word. But I was wrong. 2) The term edutainment was used as early as 1948 by The Walt Disney Company to describe the True Life Adventures series. (Source : Wikipedia)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bayar Lebih Sikit Untuk Servis Yang Cool!

I know, Domino's Pizza is expensive than Pizza Hut's Pizza. But I still prefer Domino's Pizza because from my personal experience :

1) The dough tastes better
2) The service is much better; it's either 30 mins of free regular pizza voucher. Yes, we so far had received 3 vouchers even though it was only 5-10 minutes late of delivery. The same time I tried to order for Pizza Hut's pizza online, they offered me 60 minutes delivery. And once we ordered Pizza Hut's pizza, the order only came almost 2 hours later.
3) I registered online Pizza Hut's account with my delivery to office address and when I want to change to my house address, error occurred every time. Noice.

Plus, the have this cool GPS tracking system. Gila terpesona akak dengan kecanggihan begini!

* Just heard my house bell, must be the Domino's Pizza's guy!
** And yes, he was! He even gave us the free pizza voucher for just being 6 minutes late! Disebabkan ini, kami selalu memberi tips (sikit je la tapi) kepada delivery guy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Experiment No. 5! (In Romper Suit)

Again, another product from The Poplook that I love. But still, I need a long jacket (masih mencari) or cardigan or any long outwear that is long enough to cover my butt. Jika tidak, pasti ramai yang pitam.

Again, the same belt, the same selendang and a piece of cardigan bought from Brands Outlet, Ikano quite some time ago.

The outfit is very comfortable, different and stylish at the same time. Kalau pakai dengan jacket / blazer lebih kemas dan hakikatnya lebih saya gemari.

Fun Facts : Years ago in France, rompers were only for boys. (Source : Historical Boys' Clothing)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun Experiment No. 3 & 4! (Dah Kemaruk Nak Berkain Pula)

Believe me. I never owned a long skirt for the past 30 years (but I do own short-short ones la, for home-used only...). I mean may be Emak bought me some but as far as I'm concerned, I had never bought one for myself. The same case was also applicable for a long dress, short apatah lagi. And I could rarely be seen in baju kurung when I go to the office, except for jamuan raya. I have no offense or problems or bad experience with baju kurung. But I will be more comfortable in my pants.

I guess recently, 30 year old feminine side of me akhirnya dah tak boleh menahan kesabaran lagi. I started buying skirt and dresses last month and getting addicted. Within a month, I finally owned a long maxi skirt and 3 long dresses (ok dah, sekarang budget sudah habis, saya sudah insaf percayalah). All from ThePoplook.

I started with black maxi skirt, from ThePoplook. And. Get. Hooked! Of course I need to pair with carefully selected top, but alhamdulillah, my first experiment turned out to be very successful and made me more confident to pull a skirt-style off. Since then, I've been wearing the same skirt over and over again, sampai Husband pun perasan, "Ni dah basuh ke belum ni? Asik pakai je.." Tak boleh simpan rahsia langsung. *__*

Later I tried ThePoplook's maxi dress, pair it with a black jacket and loved the look too!

Note : I found ThePoplook's skirts and long dresses are quite reasonable in terms of price. And admittedly addicted too. And yes, the blue silky scarf (in first trip photo) is indeed a Schanaz scarf and I love it! Sangat mudah dipakai (tak licin), effect nya sungguh terletak and of course, stylish. I already had two and plan to own more. :D

Even More Important and Serious Note : Owner of Shop SputnikSweetheart, Ami Schaheera, has been (and still is) battling with blood cancer since a year ago. Her journey is inspiring and she would never let the disease to take all the fun that she has in life and fashion.

Fun Fact : Rah-rah skirt, a short, tiered and often solorful skirt fashionable in the early-mid 1980s, also know as cheering skirt.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Papprazzi, Please!

*Posting via email test.

Menghias Kuku

Last week I redeemed the remaining two of MilkADeal vouchers bought quite some months back. One of was the RM38 voucher for mani and pedi session. Better yet, I went there with my two besties!

It was my very first ever manicure and pedicure session. Kasihan betul perempuan tiga puluh tahun ini. And I only bought the package considering it was cheap, only RM38 for both manicure and pedicure.

Being the slave of punctuality, I reminded the girl friends get ready at 8.00a.m., as our session would be the first session, at 10.00a.m. First, I had to sneak out before Eirsa woke up, then we have to have breakfast at mamak's before the session. (Saya sebenarnya terpaksa merangkak di sebelah cot Eirsa, setelah mendapati sang puteri telah terjaga dari peraduan waktu saya ingin keluar dari bilik).

Meminjam Insight suami, I drove the girls to Bandar Sunway, where the nail spa located. As expected, it was a new shoplot blocks. (Side notes : I believe most of promotional items from MilkADeal and other better-deals-coupons from some websites which offer at least 50% discount, are to promote the newly launched business. As such, you'll be receiving small briefing after the promotional session, on their current offer, future offers and perhaps, membership. Not to complain much, it is understood that I've paid for some very reasonable amount and I have to endure the hoi-kau-dah-bayar-murah-takkan-tak-nak-subscribe face by the owner or the promoter. I ended up purchase small one time offer less than RM20, as a courtesy).

It was a good 1 1/2 hour session and we started as erly as 9.45a.m. The spa was nice, the manicure technicians or manicurists were competent and friendly (except for mine, she was perhaps still new thus being extra careful. She's a Filipino, from Manila and has stayed in Malaysia for one year). But the package didn't offer buffing and shining, so we purchase the service for RM10 for finger nails only. Had to have some significant effect, I must say.

All in all it was a good experience. It's just that it was quite a doubt when they mentioned that the package was originally quoted at RM200. The manicurist (same person that did pedicure too) accidentally told that the whole package was actually cost RM68 when she promoted their latest package of 4 times of same package for only RM220 (RM55 for each session), instead of RM68 x 4, and the 4 sessions are transferrable. Plus, the hand and feet massages were too brief; hardly 1 minute for each hand and foot. Macam touch and go saja. Still, after only RM38 (plus RM38 x 2, since the besties' mani pedi vouchers were on me too) and senyum-kasihan-selepas-menolak-promotion-daripada-manicurists-yang-tak-percaya-kami-adalah-ibu, the result was not bad at all!

Note : Suami tak terima alasan I tak nak buat kerja-kerja rumah sebab sayang kuku kilat *__*

It's A Fact! : early 80 percent of the nail salons in the United States employ Vietnamese technicians or are Vietnamese owned, 10 percent is belonged to Korean American community, largely located in New York, and the remain is belonged to other communities. (Source :

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orang Tua Pergi Berurut

We claimed our spa MilkADeal voucher last Tuesday. The new spa was nice, even though it was relatively small. There were no changing rooms nor safety deposit boxes. You've gotta put your belongings and clothes in the same room of jacuzzi and massage room. I mean you would technically be in the same room for the whole 2-hours. But fret not, the room size would not make you suffocated.

The appointment was at 2.30 and we reached there at 2.15. It was super hot, I was a bit hungry plus I had minor headache plus I had flu. The whole session was fully-utilized with thorough scrub, jacuzzi and hot stone massage (Gosh, I love this massage!) and I know I should feel fresher, rejuvenated after that but no. NO. Instead, my headache worsened and I slowly felt muscle-discomfort all over my body. I asked husband, but he told me that felt biasa-biasa je.

Back home, I terus demam. I rasa pening, tak lalu makan, lantar rasa hendak berbaring sahaja. And my bodyache (especially my back) worsened. Esoknya I dapat cuti sakit. I know. My mistakes for abandoing the 3 crucial factors above, plus minor sign of aging.

Nonetheless, Husband and I trust and see eye to eye that spa sessions are indeed required at least every half of a year. And all deals from MilkADeal are so tempted for cheapskate money-saver like us!

Note : Latest promotion from MilkADeal on spa is RM68 instead of RM386 of full body massage and spa at Emperor Spa, Damansara Utama.

It's A Fact! : In South Korea, only blind and visually-impaired people can become licensed masseurs/masseuses.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Return Policy

Do you know that ThePoplook does entertain return policy by the customers?

I didn't notice about this until the 3rd or 4th parcel received from them. They would usually slip 2 sheets of paper; one is the invoice and another is return form. Yeah, when I received the parcel and satisfied with the contents, I could care less about checking other documents, kan? Besides, full payment was already made prior to the shipment.

The return form would be required and filled up if you wish to return those items with the conditions; they are unworn, unaltered, with all tags are intact. You need to jot down why do you want to return the items and if I'm not mistaken, you have to choose one or any combination from 5 reasons. These are all available in the return form, don't have to crack your head thinking about the reason. More information here.

I bought a top and a jumpsuit that turned out to be too "sexy" for me (me was too ambitious when placing the order) and I posted back to them, with the filled up form. To be safe, I chose to use express carrier and paid RM8 for the service. Despite of the less time taken, they provide tracking system and they will ensure your items delivered safely.

3 days later, ThePoplook confirmed on receiving my returned items and informed that they will process the return voucher the next working days. And true, my voucher was sent (via email) to me, a day after the processing day!

Now I have RM100+ of voucher to be used, plus another RM10+ value of voucher (yet to be redeemed) awarded by ThePoplook to me, being a loyal customer *grinning from ear to ear*.

It's A Fact! : In the United States, various abuses using the return process cost retailers more than $9 billion annually.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aiskrim Sihat (Kot?)

Dah lama dah dok dengaq orang hingaq pasai eskrem ni, laih laih dan la gak pi terai..

Tak. Kedai nya kat KL je pun, saya saja gedik nak cuba loghat Kedah. Sila jangan benci saya sebab loghat main balun je.

Beli aiskrim ni, kena ambil cawan kertas, pam pam pam keluar aiskrim pelbagai perisa (nak campur boleh, suka hati hang lah nak campoq kot mana pon), di mesin aiskrim. Kemudian, tabur tabur tabur penambah rasa seperti coklat, serdak biskut, buah-buahan dan macam-macam jajan hancur sedap yang lain. Kemudian, beratur pula untuk membayar. Depa guna timbang gram. Saiz yang kami makan ini, purata harga aiskirm campur barang pencantik dan penyedap lain adalah RM10.

Boleh tahan. Saya cuba perisa triple berry (kemudia menyesal tak campur perisa lain dan pau aiskrim orang lain), Suami cuba perisa vanila campur coklat and in laws had combination of 2 other flavours too. Kalau ikutkan, perisa nya ada banyak, tapi pada satu-satu masa, mungkin ada 8 pilihan sahaja, memandangkan hanya ada 8 mesin aiskrim sahaja (di One Utama).Tapi bagi hati kecil saya, nikmat makan aiskrim ini tidak sama dengan rasa memakan aiskrim tradisional. Bukan maksud saya aiskrim tradisional yang dibuat secara tradisional mahupun dengan menggunakan tangan, tapi conventional ice cream yang biasa dijual itu.

Kalau rasa mahal, sila kumpul duit dan cuba! Tak cuba tak tau, tau! Maklumat tentang lokasi kedai, sila klik sini.

P/S : Di Tutti Fuitti One Utama, sekiranya anda memiliki One Card, anda akan mendapat potongan harga sebanyak 5%. Or 10%? Saya tak ingat. *tepuk dahi*

It's A Fact : Frozen yogurst was introduced in New England in the 1970s as a soft serve dessert by H. P. Hood, under the name Frogurt. (Source : Wikipedia)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

White (And A Little of Black) Studio Photo Shoot Session, The First Ever!

Sebenarnya. Saya gementar sebelum masuk ke studio. I had big problem to give good poses during my wedding, keras satu badan dan kadang-kadang menggeletar juga.

But the photographer (I forgot his name, or did I actually forget to ask? *slap forehead*), was cool, he made us feel cool too. I mean there's nothing to be shamed of, and there was no audience, for God sake. Gedik betul kalau nak malu-malu. So there were us, posing for a white studio photo shoot, for the first time in our life!

Oh. By the way. We've never actually had proper plan to do studio photo shooting, but with there was one offer by MilkADeal that my itchy fingers could not resist but to click "Buy". We were given 45 minutes for the photography session (including any kind of aktiviti salin baju atau costume, if you brought any) and a free copy of 8R. And of course free softcopy of all photos taken (we bought home 266 softcopy photos), in a CD.

Throughout the session, Eirsa was ok but not that cooperative. It was quite hard to make her to even look at the camera! She either hid her head in me shawl or sunk her face on my chest or closed her eyes if she discovered her face was accidentally facing the camera. Kenapa lah budak ini malu begini sekali. Such a drama princess. So the parents have to terlompat-lompat belakang photographer, whenever her single session came. Not easy and quite embarrassing, I tell you.

Still, the results were awesome! Or at least for first timer like us.

There is a new and ongoing voucher by MilkADeal, offering more or less the same photo shoot session, 3 more days until the offer ends. Go grab!

P/S : Maaf kalau gambar kurang tajam. We've squeezed the resolution to acceptable smaller size.

It's A Fact!: It is best to leave (hardcopy) photos lying flat on the table when viewing them. Every time the photo bends, even a little, this can break down the emulsion (a mixture of two of more un-blendable liquids).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Budak Terapung

Sepasang kawan-kawan kami sudah lama mencadangkan benda alah ini. Tapi kami konon-konon berlaku jimat, bongkak dan takbur, dan cuba untuk mengajar Eirsa berenang dengan hanya menggunakan arm bands. Tetapi tidak lah sesenang mana mengajar (memaksa?) anak untuk belajar berenang dengan hanya menggunakan arm bands. Tambah pula sendiri pun berenang ala-ala float dan bergerak 5-6 kuak sahaja sudah penat (Suami mahir berenang, saya cuma boleh berenang dengan muka tenggelam dalam air. Tak pandai nak mengambil nafas sambil berenang). Sudahnya Eirsa akan berpaut pada salah seorang dari kami dan hanya seorang sahaja yang boleh berenang senang lenang. Tidak adil.

Oleh itu, berlalulah juga suami isteri ini mencari swimming aids, tetapi tidak berjumpa dengan barang yang sama seperti yang dicadangkan. TETAPI kami menjumpai ini, Hydrokids Float Suit dengan fungsi yang sama, harga juga lebih kurang. Kalau tak salah saya RM79.90. And it was a worth buy. (Laman web Hydrokids adalah nampak murahan tidak menarik, saya tidak tahu mengapa).

Eirsa had her first try on this when we had a family vacation in Port Dickson. We paired the with her pair of arm bands, for better support. The first few minutes was quite a struggle when she could not balance her body but we didn't actually offer much help. We let her feel, find and learn how to balance and float by herself. So yes, it was indeed successful as Eirsa managed to master using both gears in less than 15 minutes. But I'm not sure whether this is good for a child's swimming skills development, but it works in terms of getting the toddlers familiar with water, at least for the time being.

From novice..

To expert..

It's A Fact! : Horses, moose and elk are very powerful swimmers, and can travel long distances in water. Elephants are also capable of swimming, even in deep waters. Eyewitness have confirmed that camels can swim, despite the fact that there is little deep water in their natural habitats. (Source : Wikipedia) 

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