Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Quickie On Baby Food

Had a talk with two colleagues on baby food just now; one asked me how did I manage preparing homemade food for Eivie at least up to until now, what to feed the baby, when (she's mother of three, even more challenging to manage time, let alone to do research on this thing, as she told me). One asked me how did I want to waste my time preparing all those when I could actually get all the instants (she did that for her baby, by the way).

Well, for me it's all about choice. There's no right or wrong in motherhood. Researches might show that it's not good for baby to be fed with food with salt, oil and those things considered heavy for the baby's digestion, but this person might say, "I fed him with bubur nasi, ikan bilis and sayur sawi as his first food. He's now 3 years old and he's doing just fine. I save my time and money. Afterall our parents fed us with instant rice but now we are still in good condition, doing well in our study and work."

It's ok, she's the mother to her children, and so do I to my girls. I have the right to undergo motherhood the way that I believe is right to the kids and us and to inspire any mother that wants to be inspired. So yeah, it's the matter of choice. And effort, of course.

Less Important Note : I could only access to my Twitter account via mobile and my 1Gb cheapskate data plan. As such, it refrains me to keep up with my timeline and tweet as frequently as before. Let alone my Facebook, I only visit it whenever I wanted to, to give you the feeling, perhaps once every fortnight. So this give me more semangat to update my blog frequently. Kot.

If Everything Else Fails, Try This : Pray.

So trust me, your own breastfeeding journey is going to be different from a child to a child.

I started with low stock with Eirsa, high and low production periods throughout the way but I managed to catch up. Eirsa was only unavoidably introduced with formula milk when she was 17 or 19 months old (couldn't accurately recall) and she stopped enjoying mommy's milk when she was 24 months. Weaning processes was quite smooth since she has no problem accepting formula milk.

Lesson learnt, I stocked up EBM for Eivie started from week 2 of confinement. I managed to save some 200 oz prior to returning to work and an additional of 100 oz for the next 2 months. Lucky me, Eivie wasn't not a heavy EBM consumer, but she's doing perfectly fine. Unlike Eirsa whom I need to supply at her daycare with with 20 oz daily starting from even 7-8 months old onwards, until now Eivie is still happy with her 3.5 oz, 3 bottles per day at her daycare (of course with 2 sets of homemade meal for breakfast and lunch, and 3 oz of fruit juice). BUT. I could not keep up with the requirements. May be the production was not as generous as before, may be I did not take the necessary steps, may be it's the hormones (I had my period at 12 months after having Eirsa, while 6 months after having Eivie), or simply may be because I did not try enough. Forget about whether or not I've eaten enough, my never-ending (slowly gradually) increasing body weight explains all.

aving said that, from the hundreds ounces, we are not only left with only 42 oz of frozen EBM, which I refuse to touch (the incident only took away a few bags, so it's not the main contributor). So now I'm trying my best to supply her milk on daily basis. And of course, I'm trying everything possible and pray a lot. InshaAllah, if ada rezeki for Eivie, Allah will help us. Ameen.

Oh, by the way. I know, pumping as many time as possible, emptying the breasts as frequent as possible will send the signal that the breasts need to produce more and more. But my argument is, I am now yelling at my brain telling her that that more milk is needed for my baby why doesn't she listen??! But that doesn't work of course. And yeah, it's not funny, sorry.

Monday, December 17, 2012

When Everything Else Fails, Try This : Embrace

So we are now back to our own 986 sqft crib. At first we planned to co-live with husband's parents for the next 1-2 years, until the new house is ready. The idea was to sell our house as soon as possible, as it was kind of financially tight to maintain the house and at the same time to start paying for the new house's progress payment. Ada kemungkinan kena catu banyak benda, sedih tau kalau kerja penat-penat tapi rasa miskin.

As expected Eivie took some time to adapt with the new place. But well. Actually she only took 2 hours holding to me, before went exploring the house from corner to corner. Eirsa on the other hand was busy with her hey-long-time-no-see toys, especially her DVD collections. Papa was as usual, being cool and helpful. Me? I was quite nervous, I must say. There would be time when we'd be left alone just the three of us that I have to attend to their demands at the same time. Luciky Eivie was an easy baby, except last night she refused to sleep, even though the light's off. She still wanted to explore. Perangainya sekarang she ever gets angry (which is very rare), she'll cry hysterically as if she's in very much pain. Drama. There was a time yesterday when husband was out for dinner and Eirsa wanted to bathe and it was impossible to let Eivie unattended so I decided to bathe them both at the same time, dalam besen Ikea. Comel je si bogel berdua tu dalam besen. It was unexpectedly doable, sebab nasib baik Eivie dah boleh duduk. Tapi I really had to move fast, with that I hope I'd burn more calories and shed off some weight soon.

The kids have to also adapt with daily 30-45 mins ride (one way) with papa, unlike when we traveled when Eirsa was a baby, she was occupied with a DVD. This time around, we tried not to with Eivie. And she's being an angelic baby, so far very well behave in her car seat. The daycare is nearby Opah's house, it's easier for them to fetch the kids earlier, have grandparent-grandchildren time for 2-3 hours before papa fetches them back to our house. Oh. And papa would be carrying both of them from the house to our car (return), daily since I'll have to leave the house 1/2 hour earlier. InshaAllah, he could manage.

As for mommy, plan is I'll get back home the earliest possible, try to reach home by 6, attended to as many house chores as possible, have my dinner and make the house ready for my most fave 3 persons to arrive home at around 8pm. Then papa will have his dinner while I attend the kids. Then we'll play with the kids, get to bed latest by 10pm and repeat the routines the next day.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Who Will You Be In 2020?

So I tried the Citizen 2020 fun online application.

And my result :

Oh. A top property mogul, really? But I like the idea of "you love soaking in life's luxuries as if you were born to do just that." Spot on baybeh, spot on!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Turning 4 in 3 Months.

If you haven't heard, there IS tantrum or terrible three phase. At least we ARE experiencing it with Eirsa.

Most of the time we were not sure what did she really want. It took only a simple unattended thing or even delayed attended thing, she would explode, went hysterically screaming. We tried hard but we could not avoid to get angry sometimes. It's just too overwhelming. During these occasions she would not listen, she would not tolerate. She would get more and more angry, grumpy and cranky if we scold or unavoidably babab her some times. Yesterday my patience level was really tested that I just hit her right leg in the public. It was after 2 hours of merengek without us knowing and her letting us know what she really wanted.

May be she's just in another growing up phase. May be she's demanding more attention (since Eivie's around), may be she's just playing plain mengada. But she didn't do it all the time, it was when either she's hungry but she refused to eat or sleepy but she refused to sleep or any kind of discomfort or any combo.

Another thing, her potty training. She'll be four in next 3 months, yet she's still in her diaper. Yes. She is at 101cm of height, almost 15kg of weight and she's still in diaper. Memang dah tak sajak sangat dah, bak kata orang Melaka. But seriously. We tried. Opah tried. Even the carer at her daycare tried and retreated. We could not recall any successful event, but oh. Perhaps once and that one time only. Other than that she would just ignore her wet diaper, she would on let us know once the training pants were soaking wet, she refused to pee when we escorted her to the toilet every hour (and decided to actually pee 10 mins after the last toilet visit, on her Opah's sofa). Perhaps we would just go with the flow, train her slowly and gradually.

May Allah grant us with sufficient amount of patience. Ameen.

We still love you, nevertheless.

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