Monday, January 21, 2013

Kes Lupa Je

I don't have a list of resolutions for 2013. I don't quite believe and am not patience enough to endure a year to see the results. That's why I'm still fat. -_-" (Usually I will set a short term targets throughout the year).

But for many KL-iers, it looks like they share this same resolution and seems very enthusiastic in keeping the momentum so far : to reach office early or to avoid massive traffic jam so let's go out early. So by 7.10 the traffic is already piled up at NPE from Pantai Dalam to Bangsar, daily.

My morning routines back in 2013 were leaving the house at 6.50, dropped Eirsa at her daycare (next block) and left that place around 7.00, still reached office around 7.30 and still managed to get a free parking slot (400 early comers are entitled to receive these free parking slots, shared by 3 office buildings).

I just copy the same routines, except that I save another 10 minutes since kerja hantar budak-budak is now Papa's. On top of that I add another 5 minutes extra, for just-in-case cases. So starting early this year, I left my house at 6.45 in the morning, but with all the minutes that I've added, I still reached office around 7.30 too, berdebar-debar je selalu tertanya-tanya masih ada free parking slots lagi ke tak. Biasanya ada, tapi sipi-sipi. This was perhaps due to the 2013 resolutions by many KL-iers as mentioned above. Ok, tak pe.

But not today. No, no no. This morning I arrived office at 7.45. The free slots were full and I have to pay RM7 to per-entry parking.

Why? Because there was an unusual queue at Pantai Dalam (U) toll.

Why? Because the one and only SMARTAG lane was marked with red-cross sign, not function, not passable.

Why? Rosak ke? Hmmmmmmm... Not really.

When I was about to reach the Touch N Go station, I saw this lady (most probably the staff) walking towards the dysfunctional SMARTAG machine. And within 3 seconds, the SMARTAG was passable, menderu kereta masuk. I suspected it was just a matter of terlupa switch on the sign from not-passable to passable. And that cost me good 10 minutes. Haiiih.....

Tak pe. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

The hikmah was, I dapat beli nasi lemak yang biasanya hanya akan ada lepas jam 7.40. Dapat jugak I makan nasik lemak hari ni. Nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Terima Kasih Yang Tidak Diterima

Alhamdulillah, my family and I have the privilege to enjoy the private hospital facilities, with some amount of hospital bills will be paid by the company. And of course the company has engaged with an insurance company in which prior to any specialist visit, we have to request for a referral letter from any panel clinic and to use the letter for the issuance of letter of guarantee by the insurance company.

So we are bringing the girls to their pediatrician, for a follow up check up on their eczema (plus sinus for Eirsa), so I processed the usual letter of guarantee request.

This time I was advised to send the request via email, so I did.

I received the letter of guarantee for Eivie but not for Eirsa. So I followed up from the first email (a GL email). Later they send Eirsa's letter of guarantee using another email of theirs, a Fax Email. And with the name of courtesy, I responded to the Fax Email with "Thank you very much."

And a minute later, I received a response from the Fax Email :

"Dear Value Customer,

The email address ‘’ is only for GL sending purposes. If there any inquiries or request, please use ‘’ or direct to our Call Centre Toll Free so-so-number to avoid any interruption.

Thank you."

What? Ucap terima kasih pun kena sound ka? I mean yes, the email was solely for the use of fax related email or whatnot but I wasn't putting up any request but rather thanking them and even that needed to be sent to their GL email? Why didn't they just and accept my thanks and didn't even have to respond? Or was that an auto-respond email? Haih. Lawak betul.

Happy Birthday To The Most Wonderful Woman

Upon reaching my office, I called Mak and wished her a very happy 59th birthday. Mak is getting older, I'm not sure whether I've done enough for her so far.

I might not the best daughter on earth, but I tried the best that I could at that point of time, to be a good daughter of hers. I used to be the rebellious type (blame it on the middle child syndrome yeah!), I remembered persuading her to buy me things that she could barely afford at that time being a single mother of 4 (and much later, 5), disagreeing on many things with her and other things that I did that might leave some marks on her heart, but yes, I was and still trying to be a good daughter. I'm thankful that Allah always spares some goodness in my heart in which everything that I do, I would still have my mom in my mind and heart. Ya Allah, please keep this with me until forever.

And having two daughters myself, I could never compare the hardships that I'm facing now, with the ones that Mak had to face when we were young. Fair enough, I should not complain. It could never been easy but yeah, Mak made it. So, why should I complain with many aids and helps that I could get now in raising up my children.

And to Eirsa and Eivie (and perhaps my next child(ren)), I pray that they'll at least be the same daughter like me to my Mak, or if God wants to award me with more, better.

I love you Mak, as always. Kiss. Hugs.

Somebody gets a birthday wish from Hans Isaac!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Of Road Tax Renewal - The Old School Way

Ever since God creates MyEG, I did not go to the post office for road tax and insurance renewal. It has been 3-4 years I guess. And I never did forget to do the renewal at least 3 days prior to expiry.

But this morning, I HAD to go to the post office for road tax renewal. And that was because I'm a mom of two, a wife, a full time career woman, I have no maid, so of course I'm busy. Besides, due to the number that never fails to increase yearly called age, my forgetfulness has been upgraded to another level; master-ship. I forgot to renew my road tax.

You see. I always have things to do next in my mind while I'm doing something, especially when attending the house chores. I would think I'd get this item in this room this after completing this activity. Yes, I went to that room right after I finished that activity but I forgot what was the thing that I wanted to get right after entering that room. I don't bluff. Happened many times. Pfftt..

So back to this cerita road tax renewal. I only remembered that I have to renew my road tax right after it expired. And that led me to the post office this morning, as renewing via MyEG even though it's possible for immediate delivery, it would cost me a good amount of RM20, instead of the regular RM2.

The queue at the post office was acceptable, I was attended 5 minutes after tekan nombor. BUT. I did not bring one thing important for that transaction (of not knowing); previous insurance's cover note. Yes, I have the 'geran kereta' with me but not the cover note. Yes, they could still process the insurance renewal (a wajib thing prior to road tax renewal) but I would not enjoy my NCD rebate and it has reached the full 55% now. In other words, I have to pay the insurance in full amount instead of 55% off. Separuh harga tau! All because  of the missing cover note. Well, it's not actually missing. I had it with me. But in softcopy, in my laptop, inside my bag, under my armpit. But to get the counter officer to agree to check my laptop and accept the cover note in softcopy, or to get him printing the cover note for me, could be tiresome and almost impossible. So I decided to buy the insurance online and get back to the post office later.

I went to an eatery place nearby, had my brunch and got connected to the Internet. The speed was acceptable, thank you Lord. Clicked clicked clicked typed typed typed paid and done. Except that the receipt was not automatically generated. An auto-generated payment receipt that fails to function is one of my fears.*_*

DAMN IT GIVE ME MY F*CKING RECEIPT I WANT TO RENEW MY OVERDUE EXPIRED ROAD TAX RIGHT NOW YOU DAMN IT! I waited for 15 minutes but still nothing. And that online insurance portal did not provide any kind method to check for your payment receipt, in case their portal got sangkut while payment processing.

I chose to just go to the post office, rather than waited and got anxious waiting. By right, they could be able to process my roadtax renewal even without the payment receipt, but I was just worried that my payment wasn't reflected at the insurance portal and updated to JPJ at all. My number was 3027 and current number was 3025.

I explained to the same guy who attended me earlier and he said it might take some times for JPJ to verify. *tekan tekan keyboard* "Hah. Dah boleh renew roadtax. RM22 setahun* THANK YOU THE ALMIGHTY! Ye. Macam kejayaan besar, tapi tetap akan leceh kalau aku terpaksa trace payment dah lepas ke tak, kemudian nak datang semula ke pejabat pos, nak senyum lagi dengan brader kaunter ni, nak explain lagi. Dah lah aku memang jenis penakut nak melakukan kesalahan jalanraya. Haih. As I said earlier, I am busy for any other thing!

Itu sahaja cerita saya hari ini. Ingat! Bubuh reminder untuk memperbaharui road tax anda ataupun jika anda memang style old school kena nampak setiap transaction yang hendak dibuat lalu perlu ke kaunter (seperti boss saya, kisah benar), sila bawa geran kereta dan previous insurance's cover note.


Monday, January 7, 2013


Kak Timah baru je bercerita dengan aku dan boss ni tadi. Our regular cleaner Kak Chik is no longer providing service to the company. Here goes the cerita panas-panas.

Kak Timah mulakan macam ni : Kak Chik dah berhenti kerja. Dia kena pukul.


Macam ni. Yang biasa melepak kat pantry opis aku ni ada tiga orang : Kak Chik, Kak Timah dan Kak Nor. Kak Chik yang in charge menjaga kebersihan tandas dan office aku. Biasalah kerja, mesti nak ada kawan. Kak Timah dan Kak Nor di tingkat lain, tingkat masing-masing.

Hari Sabtu lepas, Kak Timah bercerita pasal kisah dia menumpang kereta akak cleaner tingkat 2 setiap hari. Bercerita ddengan Kak Chik, dalam surau. Begitu begini cerita (malas aku nak cerita lanjut), Kak Nor ada bersama. Tapi dalam tengah bercerita Kak Nor keluar dari surau, dari kelompok cerita. Rupa-rupanya ada hal penting dan tersembunyi.

Dan petang nak balik kerja hari yang sama, Kak Timah terserempak dengan Kak Chik yang sedang dipukul dengan payung oleh akak cleaner tingkat 2. Hey dah kenapa?

Rupa-rupanya akak cleaner tingkat 2 dapat tahu Kak Chik telah membawa cerita lain perihal menumpang kereta oleh Kak Timah, sedangkan cerita asal adalah lain (seperti di atas). Tapi cerita yang sampai pada akak cleaner tingkat 2 (melalui telefon, 20 minit sebelum waktu balik kerja) lain. Dan penyampai cerita adalah Kak Nor. Lalu dalam marah yang meluap yang entah macam mana waktu itu, Kak Chik dipukul oleh akak cleaner tingkat 2.

Begitulah cerita Kak Timah. Kak Timah kata, mungkin Kak Nor marahkan Kak Timah berkawan baik dengan Kak Chik, wallahu'alam. Tapi dalam hal macam ni, kesian Kak Chik, dia yang jadi mangsa. Namun begitu pagi tadi Kak Timah telah bersemuka dengan Kak Nor dan akak cleaner tingkat 2 untuk menjelaskan hal sebenar.

Namun Allah menjanjikan hikmah di sebalik segala kesusahan. Hikmahnya adalah, inshaAllah Kak Chik akan dapat kerja di tempat lain, dengan gaji lebih sikit dari sekarang, dan transport disediakan. Juga, mungkin lebih tenang berbanding bekerja di sini.

Hal-hal membawa mulut ni memang antara yang sangat dimurkai Allah. Ini baru contoh yang kecil. Contoh besar sehingga bercerai-berai, bunuh-membunuh. Na'uzubillah. Kenapa mesti ada perasaan hasad dalam diri? Kenapa perlu rasa lebih dari yang lain? Na'uzubillahiminzalik, minta Allah jauhkan dari kita dan keluarga kita.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

On Potty Training - There's Hope

Well, Eirsa is almost four. At this stage it's actually not impossible to successfully train her. It's quite late but it's never too late either.

We restarted training Eirsa this morning. She managed to pee on the potty (urine inside the bekas of course) twice, since this morning.

BUT. She insisted to put still her diaper on. Mayu (malu) katanya. Each time. And. She would not tell us when she would actually want to pee, so we had to bring her to the loo every 1-2 hour.

But we see this is as a good development and hope that we'll improve as the days or weeks passed by.

Note : Child's development depends on the individual. Don't give up after several first tries. Keep on attending to the case when you see any sign of readiness.

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